UU Addictions Group Materials

Recovery Meeting Formats and Curricula

  • Recovery Meeting using the UU Principles for a format, by Therissa Libby 2021.  A Recovery Meeting format that uses the UU Principles to guide the meeting.  Used at General Assembly 2021
  • The 7/12 Connection in Addictions & Recovery, by Julie Sullwold, 2012. A workbook that explores the connection between our 7 Unitarian Universalist Principles and the 12 Steps of recovery programs, as well as providing a variety of approaches to the 12 Steps. This may prove a helpful tool for those who prefer to explore alternatives to the Judeo-Christian, white male orientation of AA, while retaining the core of what works in the 12 Steps.
  • The Pacific North West District Addictions Ministry group has a comprehensive series of programs on addiction ministry at:sites.google.com/site/addictionschalicecircles/
  • The Unitarian Universalist Church of Las Cruces has developed a small-group discussion guide based on the seven UU principles.  There are session plans for over 40 sessions in the following zip file: Addictions-Recovery-SmallGroupSessionPlans

Resources on Addiction

  • This Day in Recovery – 365 Meditations edited by Lane Campbell and Katie Kandarian-Morris, published by Skinner House Books, 2021. One of the often-repeated mantras of 12-step and recovery programs is “one day at a time.” This Day in Recovery: 365 Meditations offers a short, daily experience to help bring readers back to their spiritual center in the daily moments of struggle and questioning. Editors Lane Campbell and Katie Kandarian-Morris and contributors—each of them speaking from direct personal experience with addiction and recovery—have collected daily quotes, reflections, and questions for readers on their spiritual journey of recovery, with each month focusing on one of the 12 steps. Inclusive and accessible, This Day in Recovery is a thoughtful and powerful spiritual tool in the toolkit for those in recovery and their families.